Television Inspection

joe_locate_1At Michigan Power Rodding, we've equipped our technicians with the most accurate diagnostic equipment on the market. That's why we're so proud of our in-line TV inspection division. When we inspect a line, we're prepared to answer all questions.

Our Standard TV Inspection Includes:

  1. A DVD of the inspected pipeline, with a footage counter.
  2. Electronic location of the line, accurately pinpointing any problem spot - including the depth!
  3. A Full written report that includes the type of pipe, condition, location, and repair recommendations.
  4. Filing of your inspection report at our office for future reference.
  5. A fully trained technician to interpret your situation and recommend the best solution.

State of the Art Pipe Inspection

Our TV inspection equipment is the highest resolution on the market, enabling us to see even the smallest cracks or defects in a pipe. We can even read the writing on a foreign object in a line! This equipment has allowed us to solve countless chronic problems, find expensive jewelry, and warn prospective home buyers of impending problems.

Television inspection is just one of the ways MPR ensures accurate up-front pricing and efficient service that solves your drain problems in a single visit.

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