Root Gator

Revolutionary Drain Cleaning Technology

Root Gator drain cleaningMichigan Power Rodding is excited to offer a revolutionary and exceedingly effective new service to our clients. The Root Gator combines two new high-tech tools into one superior service.

How It Works

  • TV inspection equipment determines the pipe and condition of the drain line, identifying problem areas.
  • A combination of high-pressure jets and a special root-cutting nozzle scrubs the pipe clean, cutting through all obstructions -- from tree roots to cement!
  • The line is re-televised to ensure it's completely clear.

Solving the Worst Drain Problems, Once and For All

Some lines are so bad that we have to clean and televise them one foot at a time. But no matter how obstructed the line is, this process allows us to assure we leave your line as clear as the day it was installed.

Like all our services, the Root Gator is billed at a per-job rate that's stated up front. So while obstructions to your line may surprise us, your final bill won't shock you.

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