In keeping with tradition, Michigan Power Rodding uses only the best equipment. That's why we have the most powerful and versatile high pressure jets in the county. Our high pressure jets are capable of cleaning drains from kitchen sinks all the way up to a 60 inch diameter pipe, and can clean distances of up to 1,000 feet.


High pressure jetting is a process in which water is used to clean the walls of the pipes as opposed to the conventional methods with mechanical blades. Even with the high speed power rodding machines that we use, there are still many applications where the high pressure jet will provide a better cleaning. There is no better way to remove grease, sludge and dirt from a drain, clean a culvert or city sewer, or even cut ice from a frozen drain line than with the high pressure jet. One exciting application of the new high pressure jet is the ability to cut tree roots at 4,000 PSI. While our power rodding machines can remove most of the tree roots from a line, our Root Gator jetting system can polish the interior of the pipe like new, removing every bit of root or build-up from a line. Our Root Gator has removed obstructions such as tree roots, grout, calcium build-up and even cement from our customer's sewer lines!

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