Install a Quality Stainless Steel Garbage Disposal

Is it time to install a new garbage disposal? Selecting a new garbage disposal for your home is important because this appliance is typically used on a daily basis. A garbage disposal is a convenient appliance, but if you have the wrong one, it may become a big problem. Select carefully - we recommend a higher quality disposal with a stainless steel chamber.

Stainless steel garbage disposal units resist rust and corrosion, making it a long-lasting kitchen appliance. Cast-iron garbage disposals, on the other hand, will rust at connection points located on water pipes and under the kitchen sink drain. The rusting disposal may lead to requiring a replacement appliance quickly. They have also been known to just fall right off the sink, tearing out the plumbing on its way down. To avoid needing frequent repairs for a garbage disposal unit at your home, choose a quality stainless steel garbage disposal instead.

Another downside to cast iron disposals - they smell. They tend to trap food particles in a rusting chamber. Over time those food particles begin to rot, causing unpleasant smells to come from your kitchen sink. Not only does the rotting food stink, but the rusting chamber smells, well, like rust.

How to Take Care of Your New Stainless Steel Garbage Disposal

First and foremost, scrape the food from your plates and bowls into the garbage can. We know you just installed a new garbage disposal and want to use it for food. But to take care of it long term, the majority of your “throw-away” food should go into the garbage can, not down the drain.

While a garbage disposal appliance is able to grind many substances, there are a few foods that create problems, including:

  • Eggshells
  • Meat bones
  • Potato peels
  • Banana skins
  • Rice
  • Pasta

These items are too hard or fibrous for a disposal’s blades to chop effectively. Items such as rice and pasta cause difficulties for the disposal and drainage pipes because these foods absorb water quickly and begin to swell, potentially creating a clogged drain.

In addition, make a habit of pouring grease from skillets into a throwaway container. DO NOT pour grease down a drain. Grease tends to collect on the sides of the drain, on the garbage disposal blades, and on the pipes, creating a sticky substance where food particles buildup.

When preparing to use your kitchen’s garbage disposal, we recommend turning on hot water first before scraping food into the drain. Have water running as you turn on the garbage disposal unit; this makes it easier for the disposal to do its job.

Also, be careful with your forks and spoons. Never allow eating or cooking utensils to enter the drain. This prevents damage to the garbage disposal unit. It also reduces the chance of a flying utensil that’s been violently ejected from the disposal, causing an injury. It happens, trust us.

When Your Garbage Disposal Unit Malfunctions

If a garbage disposal unit makes a loud or grinding noise, turn off the appliance immediately. Never put your hands or tools in the drain as the unit is operating. When a blockage occurs or the disposal stops for any reason, wait a few minutes to allow the water to drain. Turn on the disposal again to determine if it is operating, but turn it off quickly if there is a strange noise.

If the disposal will not turn on, then open the cabinet under the kitchen sink to find the red or orange reset button on the bottom or side of your garbage disposal unit. Next, turn on the electric switch again to see if that makes the disposal work. If nothing happens, or the noises continue, turn off the switch and call us!

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