6 Things That Should NEVER Go Down Your Drain

Here at Michigan Power Rodding, we've spent years cleaning things out of drains that should never, never have gone down the pipe in the first place. While we appreciate all the extra business, we also hate to see you waste money! If you avoid flushing or washing these 6 things down your drain, you'll have a lot fewer issues with your plumbing – and a lot fewer reasons to call us.


tampons#1: Feminine products

Tampons, pads and other feminine products swell up and can easily cause blockages in your pipes. Never flush these – use the trash can, please!

#2: Wipes

Even if the package says they're "flushable," wipes can still clog up your pipes. They're designed to absorb moisture, so when you put them in a pipe with running water, they blow up like balloons. Again, always throw them out – never flush.

#3: Paper towels

Paper towels are great for drying your hands or wiping off toothpaste stains on the mirror. But whatever you do, don't flush them down the toilet! They're not designed to dissolve, the way toilet paper is, so they can quickly create blockages. Dispose of paper towels in the garbage – you'll thank us down the road.

grease#4: Any type of leftover grease or oil

Dispose of oil and bacon grease in a closed container in your trash can. Or pour it out in the yard if you must. But never put it down the disposal – you're just asking for a nasty congealed mess in your pipes. (If only bacon didn't have all that grease. We know, we know.)

#5: Pasta

You know the way pasta swells up in water when you cook it? It does the same thing when it goes down the drain – and you guessed it, the result isn't nearly so "swell." Avoid pasta-clogged pipes – don't let those noodles escape when you're draining your spaghetti.

drain-cleaner#6: Liquid drain cleaners

We saved this one for last because it's especially dangerous: liquid drain cleaners are corrosive and can destroy pipes. If you need your pipes cleaned, don't DIY. Call the pros – we can get rid of the mess without ruining your drains in the process. (After all, you were already having a bad day.)

If you read all these tips and you STILL managed to get your pipes clogged up, give us a call at 734-761-7154 or shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll get you cleaned out in no time.


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